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The Kocopeli Farm

«One day, we will have to fulfill our one and only true vocation, that is not to produce and consume endlessly, but to love to admire and to take care of life in all its forms.» 
Pierre Rabhi.

The Kocopelli farm: Agro-Biology
"La planète" is a unique environment - far from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is a haven of peace and beauty, resonating with our deepest inner nature, an ideal place for people wanting to fully dedicate themselves to their own personal development and having realised just how much the goals and habitual worries of daily life are an illusion (superficial relationships, wealth, renown, power, dependancy, alcohol and other mundane pleasures).

Our objectives:

  • optimal health, and living simply in, with and thanks to nature. For we know we cannot only rely on ourselves.
    In order to optimise nature's various processes (permaculture and biodynamic agriculture), together with our own physical and mental processes - there are no big projects to undertake, to build or to supervise (everything here happens naturally, in natural time) - we cultivate good health and love.
  • Cultivating joy and happiness.
  • Bringing spirituality and ecology together in harmony

Everything is already present in all that exists. Energy interacts, going from the microcosm to the macrocosm, from Alpha to Omega - we are all made of this immense source of love energy, and depsite having tragically forgotten about it, we return to it.
Here, nature is protected, admired, loved and cultivated, and in return it offers us its beauty and peace, it recycles our waste, creates a spontaneous state of contemplation, bringing us out of the cycle of duality and back into a space where our mind no longer controls us.

A French news report on Wooking and the Kocopeli farm,
broadcast on the regional Côte d'azur edition of France 3 on 20 August 2009.

Agro biology: 
Its aromatic and medicinal plants, its kitchen garden…..
Products of the farm:
goat's milk cheeses “Bicou des Maures”, jams, olives, etc.